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We are happy to serve property owners in Dallas Texas and surrounding areas for all of your concrete lifting needs. When you are looking for a Dallas Texas Concrete Services Expert, call We specialize in concrete leveling and restoration using the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure your job is completed with the best results possible. Request a quote today and one of our experts will work with you to get your project rolling.

We lift concrete slabs, steps, sidewalks, garage floors, basement floors, airport runways, foundations…if it’s concrete flat work we handle it! But don’t settle for leveled concrete, spruce up your aesthetics with a hi-performance epoxy floor or wood grain resurfacing.  Talk to one of our concrete experts today: (469) 754-0744

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At Get Leveled, we provide professional concrete repairs in Dallas to ensure that your property is safe and looks good.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can ignore damaged concrete. Unlevel concrete poses a safety threat as well as severe structural damage to buildings. Cracks in concrete walkways are a tripping hazard for anyone walking by. The last thing you want is for somebody to get hurt while on your property because that makes their accident your fault! Even worse is a sinking or uneven foundation.

The Texas heat, especially in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, can cause concrete to crack. These cracks happen when concrete gets heated and cooled too quickly over time. Cracks also occur when the temperature causes the ground to shift. Either one of these issues will lead to damaged concrete and poses a risk to your property.

Make sure your property is well maintained all year round. Don’t hesitate to call the experts at Get Leveled for all of your uneven concrete repairs in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Concrete Surfaces we repair

We are committed to fixing all concrete surfaces for commercial and residential properties in Dallas. No project is too big or small. Here is a list of some of the many concrete surfaces we guarantee to repair.


Get Leveled specializes in concrete sidewalk repairs. We remedy any sinking walkways, even all surfaces, fill cracks and repair holes in the concrete. We can fix your sidewalks non-destructively. That means we don’t tear out or remove any of the existing sidewalks. Instead, we use a proven method to inject material under the uneven concrete sidewalk to lift it back into place. This is both cheaper and just as effective as replacing your uneven sidewalk.


Damaged concrete driveways are not only unattractive to homeowners, but they can pose a severe risk to your family. If your children run, ride bikes, skateboard, or play on cracked driveways, they can fall and seriously injure themselves on the hard surface. Improve your home’s value and keep your family safe by contacting Get Leveled to fix your concrete driveway.

Our trained experts will quickly identify the extent of your driveway’s damage and begin fixing the problem right away. Once we are done leveling your driveway, we seal up any cracks and repair holes in the concrete. We even clean and resurface your driveway to ensure it looks its best.

Warehouse Floors

To keep production running smoothly, you can’t have any accidents on the job. Tripping over broken or uneven warehouse flooring is something that can easily be avoided with the proper care. We repair holes, cracks and lift uneven surfaces quickly to ensure there is little downtime.

Garage Floors

At Get Leveled, we repair, level, and resurface concrete and cement garage floors. Whether you have a commercial shop or your home’s garage requires repairs, we do it all. To ensure your garage floor is looking its best, we offer concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, and finishes. This not only improves the appearance of your concrete flooring but also increases its longevity.


Get Leveled provides top quality concrete patio repairs for your home in Dallas. Whether it’s a pool deck, walkway, or concrete patio, we guarantee to make it crack and damage-free. Old outdoor living areas will crack and sag over time. Repairing them is both faster and more cost-effective than replacing the concrete. We also provide concrete polishing and coatings that improve the appearance and durability of your outdoor living areas. Make your home more attractive, safer, and longer-lasting with professional concrete repairs from Get Leveled.

The Get Leveled Concrete Repair Process

First, we drill a hole in the concrete and use a camera to peek inside to see the extent of the damage. Then, with a little math and a lot of experience, we calculate how much foam we need and where it should be placed. With the right amount of foam in the right spots, we can repair uneven concrete by lifting it to make it even. We then remove the injection port and fill in any cracks or holes to finish up.

While concrete repairs may sound like a simple process, you should only rely on a trusted team of professionals to get the job done. At Get Leveled, we have experience with concrete repairs in Dallas. Remember, if done wrong, you could do more damage than good to the concrete surfaces on your property.

Polyurethane Foam Concrete Repair in Dallas

When you want the best solutions for your home or business, we provide polyurethane foam concrete repair in Dallas. Poly-foam is the preferred choice of many professionals in the concrete leveling industry for many good reasons.

  • Polyurethane foam cures immediately and is safe to walk on.
  • It will not wash away with rain or water, so that it will last a long time.
  • It will not dissolve or break down.
  • When compared to mudjacking, it is lighter and lasts a lot longer.
  • It will not cause any extra compression in the soil.
  • It cures quickly, so you can begin walking on your concrete surfaces almost immediately.

We Are The Concrete Repair Experts

At Get Leveled, we have over 20 years of experience in the concrete repairs industry. When you need the highest quality of work with a quick turn-around time, we are the experts you need on speed dial. Our crews of concrete experts will work to solve any of your uneven concrete repairs in Dallas. No matter how big or small, we are committed to making your experience the best! By combining proven methods with the latest technology, we guarantee to lift your problems away.

Give us a call today at our toll-free number (833) 538-3563 to schedule your Dallas concrete repairs.

The Advantages of Concrete Leveling

Why choose Concrete Lifting Vs. Replacing Concrete?

Faster Service, Less Mess

The Concrete lifting process is a clean, no mess operation self contained on our full equipped trailer. No mixing, no breaking, pouring or long cure times. Simply drill, inject and sweep up. It’s that easy!

Affordable prices

Concrete lifting versus conventional concrete work is the more cost effective option as well as the being faster and less intrusive. Much like filling a crack in your car window it is much less costly to fill and seal, except our polyurethane foam material is a permanent solution.

Quality Results

Unlike many things, quality doesn’t take time with concrete lifting. Enjoy accurately leveled concrete in no time at all. Remove that tripping hazzard or water bowl and add stability to your household concrete with our prove system.

Concrete contractor

Additional Services


How would you like hardwood floors that look better, last longer and require less maintenance that aren’t made from wood? Seems impossible right? We specialize in the application of 1/16″ thick polymer cement surfacing of your existing floors giving you that real wood look without the real wood headache. Dents, dings and spills are NEVER an issue with cement wood surfacing.


Protect and maintain your concrete aesthetic. Pressure washing concrete removes built up dirt and salt deposits from weathering and general use over time. Your concrete will hold its look for months. Our flat surface pressure washing professionals specialize in driveway cleaning, pressure washing concrete in patios, pool-sides, sidewalks, and stamped concrete.


Now that your concrete flooring has been inspected and leveled, it’s time to spruce it up! We are your local epoxy floor coating experts using the highest quality materials to give you the longest lasting and best looking floor around. With a larger range of colors and flakes available, customization is our standard, including team logos . Ask about our polymer cement wood finish!


Geared more towards our commercial customers, concrete polishing is a great way to revitalize and seal your concrete flooring. Make an impression with your customers and show them you care with a professionally polished floor. With the industry’s best equipment, we take your dull floor and transform it into a polished masterpiece. Get your quote today.

I thought I was going to have to jackhammer all my sunken concrete and pour new sections.  Then my neighbor told me to call Nick at Get-Leveled and he saved me thousands of dollars!  Now my driveway looks awesome and it’s safe for everyone.  

Do yourself a favor and talk to a true expert in concrete work. 

Stephen K.

My township told me that if I don’t fix my sidewalk, I would be fined!  Thankfully, I found the guys at Get Leveled. 

Thank you so much Nick! 

Lisa B.

I received a letter from my insurance company telling me they were going to drop my from my home insurance if I didn’t fix my concrete within 30 days.  

My co-worker told me to call Get Leveled.  They came out quickly, leveled my concrete and got my insurance company off my back.  

Totally a lifesaver!

J. Williams

From our home base of operations we are able to serve customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Maryland.  We have a national network of professionals and skilled experts that can handle your concrete lifting anywhere in the United States.  Call one of our Concrete Lifting experts for a custom quote. (833) 538-3563
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